Asian King BBQ Buffet & Take Out 

                             All  you  can  cook & eat 

A1. Vegetable Fried Rice

A2. Chicken Fried Rice

A3. Beef Fried Rice

A4. Pork Fried Rice

A5. House Special Fried Rice

B1. Vegetable Lo Mein

B2. Chicken Lo Mein

B3. Beef Lo Mein

B4. Pork Lo Mein

B5. House Special Lo Mein

C. Cantonese Chow Mein 

D1. Vegetable Rice Noodle

D2. Chicken Rice Noodle

D3. Beef Rice Noodle

D4. Pork Rice Noodle

E. Singapore Noodle (spicy)

E2. Beef Ho Feng

F1. Vegetable Shanghai Noodle

F2. Chicken Shanghai Noodle

F3. Beef Shanghai Noodle

F4. Pork Shanghai Noodle

G.  House Special Shanghai Noodle

H1. General Tso's Chicken (spicy)

H2. Sesame Chicken

I1. Sweet & Sour Chicken

I2. Sweet & Sour Pork

J1. Fried Chicken Wing

J2. Hot & Spicy Chicken Wing

K. Crab Rangoon (cheese wonton)

L. Mix Vegetable

M. Beef with Broccoli

N. Beef with Mix Vegetable

O. Mango Salad (choose spicy or non spicy)

P. Sweet & Sour Chinese Ball

Q. Black Pepper Beef (spicy)

R. Shrimp with Garlic Sauce (spicy) (jumbo shrimp)

( or any item upon request)